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Meals ready to eat are one of the most basic components of disaster planning. Contingency planning requires a sufficient amount of emergency food rations to sustain people through the survival/recovery period that follows natural disasters. MRE meals produced by MRESTAR, supply many countries and relief agencies throughout the world including local retail stores, which gives families the opportunity to keep the highest level of storable prepared meals for their own emergency food supplies.

Meals ready to eat are also now available online or by calling our toll free line 1-866-680-6737, for families, organizations, and communities too easily and quickly order. Individuals and families may want to order the complete meal packs by the case while organizations may want to order by the pallet. Ready meals can possibly be the difference between life and death when emergency disaster preparedness plans come in to effect.

MRESTAR emergency food rations can be produced using a variety of custom made disaster recipes to fit specific nutritional and cultural needs. With over three decades of experience creating ethnic recipes throughout the world, we can and will, accommodate your specific needs. Our cooking facilities are fully automated, along with our filling and packaging processes.

When new meal plans are implemented for your needs, MRESTAR has the knowhow and reputation for getting the USDA/FSIS approval quickly so that your emergency food supplies will be available. We know how important it is for your emergency disaster preparedness to be completed without a hitch. When your need arises MRESTAR has the ability to air-drop shipments should your initial meals ready to eat supply runs low.

Meals ready to eat initially were used by NASA for our astronauts in the 1970’s. Today’s version of meals ready to eat started when the space program decided to enhance the eating experience by making it close to the normal meal that we eat here on earth. So in trying to get rid of the food stuff that was squeezed out of a tube and upgrade out of the freeze dried foods, our current meals ready to eat were born. Then the military began working on improving the taste, storage life, and nutritional value. Since food needed to be carried easily by the individual or military unit and they needed to be instantly and easily ready to eat in the field when cooking facilities were not available, the military packaging became one of their most important upgrades. With the technological advancement of readymade meals not only did pricing drop but larger quantities became available. Other government agencies started to store hurricane food and other emergency food rations and MRESTAR has been there for the last 30 years helping to meet everyone’s needs. When you have questions about disaster food just email MRESTAR and we will gladly share our experience to help you plan for disaster.  

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