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MRE STAR Prep Pkg 4 person 60 day supply  FREE SHIPPING

Price: $5500.00
Variety case of 52 (8oz) meals only

Price: $169.00
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Ready to eat meal

Ready to eat meal packs come with the simple “Main Meal Entrée” and in a “Complete MRE” version.  Complete MRE packs contain the “main meal entrée” along with utensils to eat with, some fruit, raisins with nuts, cookies, salt and pepper, a drink mix, coffee, sugar, creamer, moist towel and a napkin.

Ready to eat meal main entrée containers are 8 ounces of a main course. Some of our main courses include beef stew, chicken noodle stew, cheese tortellini with marinara sauce, vegetarian chili and many more. You can buy them individually, or by units with 24, 8 ounce main entrees or by the case with 72, 8 0unce main entrees. Our main entrée selections may be bought by the pallet which contains 2,880, 8 ounce entrees.  The maximum truck load capacity contains 69,120 8 ounce entrees. 

Ready meals have come a long way from the army rations of the past when the p 38 and SOS were the common mess hall vernacular. Recently, the convenience, portability, and great taste has made MRE Star meals, the meal of choice, for camping food, hiking food and backpacking food. Space flight, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wars and starvation are the main reasons MRE meals were originally created and later perfected, but their usefulness has gone beyond the realm of emergency food or emergency rations.

Camping food was a natural transition for MRE meals since camping it is a civilian “bivouac”. Since readymade meals last for 5 to 8 years when keep at cool temperatures, it is plausible the people think about the practicality and other uses for the meals they have had for years. The portability factor goes a long way when you think about what kind of food you want to lug around when hiking or biking.

Ready to eat meal convenience, safety, long shelf life, portability, flavor, nutritional content and price have made it the choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts from canoeing and hiking, to hunting and camping, to biking and climbing. With no preparation needed, the simplicity of opening up the meal and eating it, allows people to focus on their favorite things not the chore of meal preparation. Gone are the days of broken food containers, washing pots, plates and vegetables, forgetting ingredients, paying for many groceries, and cleaning up the after dinner mess. Gone are the days of carrying all the cooking utensils, plates, pots, propane stoves and food containers.
Good riddance.

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